Careers and Progression Events

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Year 10 Work Experience Week


Letter to Parents
Information Booklet
Work Placement Form

Careers Resources

There are a lot of careers resources available online. These links will take you to the best ones- is a great online resource for people of all ages. It can help you with career pathways, course options and lots more.


For careers that need a degree or similar qualification, follow this link for more information on job roles, the qualifications required and how much you can earn-

For information on Apprenticeships, what they involve and how you can find one, follow this link -

Not sure of what your career could be? Lower school students can try this quiz for some ideas -

Upper School Students? try this career quiz -

Build your skills and qualifications with free short courses delivered by -

Find out more about Year 10 & 11 Career Events and Activities at PCSA here.

Parent/Carer Career and Progression Information

Year 10 Careers Progression Information for Parents/Carers

Year 11 Careers Progression Information for Parents/Carers

Got any careers related questions? The PCSA careers office is open all day every day, but please also feel free to me email any questions-

Good luck!

National Careers Service

The National Careers Service are dedicated to helping you get the advice you need for future skills, careers, work and life choices. They can help you develop your career with specially designed tools to help you move on in your career, or get you on the job ladder.

Click here.

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Careerpilot is a careers information website, which includes: 

- Your choices at 14, 16 and 18?
- More about different job sectors and what they are looking for.
- About working and studying — including apprenticeship and uni level study

Get the information you need to help you plan your future work and study at

Not sure about your career options?

Don't worry...the careers office is always open to talk through your thoughts and ideas. Psychometric assessments are increasing being used in working life. Many can give you some interesting career ideas that you haven't explored before. Follow the links below to have a go!

Year 10 & 11 -

Year 7, 8 & 9 -

All ages-

Apprenticeships Advice

Click here to visit the Apprenticeships website.

Careers Advice

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