PCSA Seeks Former Students

If you’re a former student who would like to support current students, the school would love to hear from you!

Right now, there are students in the assembly hall where you once sat, facing similar challenges and opportunities that you did. Being connected to you could really help them.

It doesn’t matter when you left school, whether you’re in further education or employment, whether you still live nearby or have moved further away, there are still ways you can help!

James Wilmot, Head of Careers said: “Previous students have returned to Priory to take part in a variety of activities. Some have attended full assemblies, some have met with specific groups to talk about their career paths. Some have even offered students ongoing mentoring and tours of their own businesses. Some previous students that have contributed to our activities were among the first to come here forty years ago and some have only just left! What is important is that everyone has a story to tell and that they want to make a difference to the career aspirations of our current students.” 

“The students who return to the school thoroughly enjoy themselves. They are proud to return and pass on the benefit of their experience. Some have even returned to the school and become employees!” 

“Please contact us either through the future first network or email me directly to discuss how you can make a difference-


Sign Up

PCSA is waiting to hear from former students and hope they will contact Future First’s alumni scheme by clicking here.

Future First

For further information about Future First, log onto

Alternatively contact our Press and Publicity Officer Sue Crabtree on, our Programme Director, Megan Clatworthy on or call one of the team on 0207 239 8933.

Other Schools

Teachers wishing to sign up another school to Future First should click here.