End of T6 update and 'thank you' from Mr. Coles – Executive Principal - TPLT

Thank you for all your support of our teachers and support staff this past year. We will soon have a Trust of 4,700 children / students in October once The King Alfred School, Highbridge join the Trust. We hope Pawlett Primary School will also join in 2019. They are doing great things at Pawlett now. This past year through working assiduously with staff at Priory, Worle, Castle Batch and St Anne’s we have built a very healthy approach to joint working.

I am delighted to see staff from all the schools now jointly planning and working as ONE TEAM. Parents and carers, I hope, are now becoming aware of the key themes of our Trust – great sites, a focus on outcomes and a cleat approach to making sure all our children have a really great ‘wider’ education. Take last week for example, we had children and staff on trips far and wide whilst also providing in-school activities, such as final assemblies and “World of Work” days.

On my visits to the academies I am always struck by the ‘can-do’ approach of all our staff. The way the Priory Battlefields trip was quickly rearranged was superb. I also want to say thank you to all our Principals and Heads – Mrs. Dupras, Mrs. McBride, Mrs. Dadds, Miss Scott, Mrs. Hardy-Smith, Mrs. Hurr and Mr. Jenkins.

Should you wish to contact me I am on email at Neville.coles@theplt.org.uk and on Twitter @nevillecoles.

Again – our schools really appreciate the great support from parents / carers and we thank you.