Principal's Update - Term 3

Monday 14 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Learning Cycle 2, Week 6

Welcome back to a new term and a very happy New Year to everyone. I hope that you have all had some quality time with your children and family.

I am delighted to have received the Trust’s support to continue leading the school for the remainder of this academic year, pending a permanent appointment for a Principal from September 2019. I wish Mrs. McBride all the very best for her future plans.

One of our foci for this term is to make sure our students are “Ready to Learn’ everyday, every lesson. In my view, this is the foundation to achieve and progress on a daily basis. Please talk to your child’s tutor during our Target Setting Day this week for more information about our “Ready to Learn” expectations. Our students have had assemblies and tutor sessions reminding them of these.

Furthermore, this week will see the launching of Class Charts live to our parents and carers. During your meetings with tutors, you will receive individual log in details in order to be able to access Class Charts at all times. This will allow you constant access to your son’s/daughter’s account in order to monitor their everyday achievement in school. It is an excellent tool for extra communication between the school and parents/carers. I have used it myself as a parent and it is brilliant. Please make sure you download the Class Charts app on your smartphones for easier access. Obviously, make sure you have all your questions answered during your meeting with tutors on Target Setting Day.

Another key focus this term will be placed on our new curriculum design and Year 9 Options. As you may be aware, Ofsted have put enormous emphasis on curriculum design in terms of breadth and depth. It is needless to say the PCSA, and all the schools of TPLT, are at the forefront of this. Our Modular Curriculum approach, with knowledge and skills given equal importance, will allow us to create a curriculum that stretches and challenges all of our students. Mr. Uffendell is driving these changes, but please do get get in touch if you would like more information.

As always, extra consideration and support will be given to our Year 11 students preparing for their GCSEs this summer. Our Period 6 intervention (P6i) has been very successful with more than 200 students accessing extra lessons for English, maths and science. We will continue to support them in this manner. Our Easter School programme is already on our website and there will be extra sessions published soon.

Personally, it will be very important to have a constant communication with parents and carers. Please do communicate via email or telephone. I am always keen and available to speak to you, so we can constantly improve our provision for our young people. I am committed in providing the best education possible for all our students and to ensure that PCSA is at the heart of the local community.

Best wishes

Angelos Markoutsas